I create art that is inspired by animals, ecology, and natural history. I am interested in exploring how the animal kingdom has intersected with human civilization throughout history, and how we continue to navigate that intersection today.

Finding space and ecological balance for animals in our contemporary world is a complicated business. This is particularly true for large carnivore species who still carry the misunderstanding and stigma of bygone eras. These animals need particular attention and consideration because science has proven that apex predators are critical to the health of the ecosystems within which they live. These carnivores are greatly needed and are too often still misjudged and undervalued.

I think it is important to depict each of my animal subjects not as a feature within a landscape, but as a distinct individual with their own life and personality. It is easy to overlook an animal’s individuality, and to instead think of them as just a representation or an avatar for all members of that species. By considering and recognizing that each animal is a unique entity, we can bridge the gap between species and give historically misunderstood animals the consideration and empathy they deserve.

I have a great appreciation for the natural world and the animal species that each fit so well into their distinct ecosystems. I hope my art can bring others to a similar place of respect and admiration.